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This week we have introduced a brand new offer on our popular RxWrap frame        .

October 2015

Winter 2015

Six NEW prescription safety frames for 2016 from...

Three new plastic & three new metal styles, available in various colours with a high prescription range. You have the option of three different lens materials including...


Solvent resistant shatterproof lenses 





Express Service

 NEW Express Service

We are often asked to provide complete prescription safety glasses by the end of the week or for a particular deadline.

Exclusively to Norville & Titmus safety frames, we are now able to offer a 4 day service for those in a hurry.


(Express service is priced at 18.50 per pair - terms apply)


In hotter climates above 23C Standard Transitions lenses can react poorly. Ironically the higher air temperature causes the reaction to lighten the lens despite the extra Ultraviolet light.

NEW Transitions XTRActive lenses go darker at higher temperatures and so are better for working abroad in hot climates.

They also darken in the car/cab of a vehicle.

Available as an option with Bolle & ICE safety frames.



New Tints


Our popular ICE Spey wraparound model is now available with yellow & amber tints - ideal for improving contrast inside & outdoors. The two photochromic options & polarised lenses are also still available.


Spare Outers 

(only for frames with prescription inserts)

Once your outer frame is scratched or damaged remember you can easily swap the prescription insert into a new frame, making them as good as new & ready for work again.
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