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How to build your spectacles


Work your way down this page selecting your:

1. Safety frame

2. Lens Type

3. Lens Material

4. Optional extras

5. Prescription details

6. Pupilliary Distance

Then click 


Here you can review your invoice, make any adjustments, enter delivery details & proceed to payment.




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No need to to set up a Paypal account.






1. First select your safety frame (click images to enlarge)... 

Scroll down page 

to complete form




BS EN 166 F  certified, CE marked stylish plastic truly wraparound safety frame 

The special freeform prescription lenses are glazed directly into the frame (no separate insert). 

Frame has soft rubber undersides and nosepads in a contrasting colour. 

The sides require no adjustment to fit with temple fitting sides making them extremely comfortable.


One Size:  w=130 h=41


Select    75


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 2. Now choose the vision type for your safety lenses...

Freeform Single Focus

A lens with a single strength. Could be prescribed for general use or specifically for viewing far away or for close work.

Specially ground Freeform lenses ensure the best vision through curved prescription lens in a wrap around frame.


I want my safety spectacles for viewing...

Freeform Varifocal

The convenience of one pair of spectacles for viewing objects at any distance. 

Specially ground Freeform lenses ensure the best vision through curved prescription lens in a wrap around frame.

Only recommended for people who already wear varifocals in their everyday glasses. (Over 45yr olds)



Distance      Near         Both




Upgrade 65

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 3. Note: this frame is only available in one lens material....


Lens conforms to BS EN 166 F

('high speed particle / low energy impact')

     Pre-selected as default


 (includes scratch resistant coat)


Highest impact resistance for a safety spectacle lens

Lightweight and thinner than standard plastic

Tested with 6mm 0.86g ball fired at  the lens at 45m/s

Use when working close to source of flying particles

100% UV protection from both UVA and UVB

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4. Add optional extras...  

Multi anti-reflection coating


Reduces glare and distracting reflections from the front and rear surface of the lens.

This coating improves vision, allows more light to pass through the lens and renders the lens almost invisible in the frame. 





Fixed tint


GREY Photochromic tint

Standard variable tint for improved visual comfort. Lenses will automatically darken outdoors and lighten indoors. 

95% - 18% at 23C (lighter at higher air temps)





Extra dark, with moderate activation behind windscreen & better performance at higher air temperatures  83% - 10% at 23C

(Note: up to 4 week order time for XTRActive) 

Both are 100% UV absorbing

Polarised lens


Reduces glare from reflected light from flat surfaces i.e. water, roads, glass, flat sheet metal. Enhances clarity of vision and contrast reducing eyestrain.


Superior to standard dye tinted lenses


Dark Grey 17% light transmission 

 & 100% UV Absorbing


(Note: polarised filter lenses can affect visibility 

of LCD displays)

(Also: when selected  with anti-reflection coating only the rear surface will be AR coated)







Ultra-Clarity lens cleaner

Anti fog lens treatment

DEFOGit is a 5ml new concentrated formula using nanotechnology to create a moisture absorbing layer on the lens eliminating misting. It is simply applied by wiping one or two drops across each lens surface and then buff dry using the cloth supplied to give fog free wear.


See video of Clarity DEFOGit

30ml Polycarbonate safe lens cleaner & cloth. Specifically selected for cleaning our safety glasses of any lens/frame material.



Freehand engraving

Personalise your safety frames with your initials (max 3) and we will add the date of manufacture


Enter initials -


(Note : Engraving is done using a freehand engraving pen in a suitable location on the frame which may include a place where the markings are visible whilst being worn)

Neck cord

Keeps your spectacles safely where you need them.







NB: Hard case, cleaning cloth & 12 month manufacturing guarantee included. 



Scroll down page 

to complete form


5. Enter your prescription details...  


Don't forget to include the 

+ or - signs for 

SPH and CYL values.




Copy details from your prescription carefully


(value should be same for both eyes)


Prescription Help

Range Limit: SPH or (SPH+CYL) can be no higher than +/- 4.00 for this safety frame Tick here if your prescription has prism  : INTERMEDIATE or INTER ADD


Check the prescription details you have entered, ensure they are correct and have +/- signs where applicable

If you are unsure about entering your prescription, leave the prescription details blank and email or upload a copy of your prescription to us. We will match it up with your order

 Scroll down page 

to complete form


6. Provide  your Pupillary distance (PD) - Choose from just one of the following options...  

I know my PD

You can ask your Optician, but they are not obliged to provide this to you, or you may have already measured it using our simple to follow instructions (click here to view them)


I don't know my PD

Click here to learn how to

measure it yourself

or if you don't have your PD we can measure it for you from an image you supply with our FREE e-dispensing ruler. 

I have an image to attach

Click on 'upload image' in the shopping cart to attach your e-dispensing image with this order.

Note: for Varifocal orders the frame of choice must be worn in the photo.

Pre-selected as default choice



My PD measurement (to the nearest millimetre) is... 


Send me a free ruler

Proceed to confirm purchase & we will send one out with full instructions.

The camera to ruler 

distance (in cms) was ...


  PD Help

Scroll down page 

to complete form





Please double check any measurements you have taken and any values are entered correctly   

Make sure you have entered +(plus) or - (minus) signs with your SPH & CYL values in Section 5

Ensure you have chosen your PD from the drop down box or selected an alternative PD option in Section 6

 If you get any ***ERROR*** messages when you view  the order summary please click back and correct them.


Scroll down page 

to complete form


Barrel distortion     

Please note that steeply curved lenses used in this safety frame (which gives it its slick wraparound look)

can sometimes give the wearer symptoms of barrel distortion initially until adaptation occurs after a period of use.


This can be more noticeable in higher or negative lens powers.


If you have ever experienced difficulty in adapting to new spectacles we would suggest a flatter fronted 

frame such as the Norville S0220, Titmus SW06E, Infield Vision 12, Cat Insulator or Bolle B808 for example.




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