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How to specify your insert

Work your way down this page selecting your:

1. Insert model

2. Lens Type

3. Lens Material

4. Optional extras

5. Prescription details

6. Pupilliary Distance

Then click 


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1. Choose which insert model you require...

Scroll down page 

to complete form



Replacement prescription insert for your  RxBlack, RxWrap, Rx Box, Bolle Tracker or Infield safety frame....

Which frame do you need the insert for?  ... 


Please note..  Prescription restrictions.....

 RxWrap : SPH or (SPH+CYL) can be no higher than +6.00 or -6.00

 RxBox : SPH or (SPH+CYL) can be no higher than +10.00 or -12.00

RxBlack : SPH or (SPH+CYL) can be no higher than +6.00 or -6.00

 Bolle Tracker : SPH or (SPH+CYL) can be no higher than +6.00 or -6.00

Infield Prescription Inserts : SPH or (SPH + CYL) no higher than +6.00 or -6.00

See thinner lenses for more advice on lens materials for prescriptions where SPH or (SPH+CYL) is over +/- 3.00

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 2. Now choose the vision type for your safety lenses...

Single Focus

A lens with a single strength. Could be prescribed for general use or specifically for viewing far away or for close work.


I want my safety spectacles primarily for viewing...


Saves having separate pairs of spectacles for distance and near. Can prevent the wearer being unprotected whilst swapping between or removing spectacles. 

(over 45yr olds)


The convenience of one pair of spectacles for viewing objects at any distance. 

Only recommended for people who already wear varifocals in their everyday glasses. (Over 45yr olds)



Distance      Near         Both







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to complete form


3. Add optional extras...  

Scratch resistant coating


Adds a tougher surface just to the

 prescription insert lenses to protect them from scratching


Protect your investment - the prescription insert is the most expensive component of your product and you can significantly prolong the life of the prescription lenses by adding this product to improve the scratch resistance of the lens surface.


Remember your insert will easily outlast your outer frame and it can be swapped over to a new frame when the outer becomes damaged or scratched.

Thinner lenses

Higher refractive index (1.59 Thin or 1.67 Ultra Thin) to reduce thickness and weight

It is strongly advised for vision and comfort reasons that you choose a refractive index which takes your lens power into consideration.


1.59 thin - when SPH (or SPH+CYL) lens powers are greater than +/- 3.50

1.67 ultra thin - when SPH (or SPH+CYL) lens powers are greater than +/- 5.00

(Note... These lenses already include a scratch resistant coating in the price)


Extra prescription insert

This option not available to Bolle Tracker orders

Tick here if you wish to add an extra prescription insert complete with the lenses of your choice.


This might come in useful as a spare or to save you swapping the insert provided in the offer from frame to frame


Note: you may choose a vision type that is different to your one specified for the offer earlier.


For 2nd insert select....

Vision type -    

 Extras -




Add 1.59         Add 1.67    £35                        £65

    Thin                   Ultra thin


£ as per drop down boxes

Anti fog lens treatment

Clarity DEFOGit™ is a 5ml new concentrated formula using nanotechnology to create a moisture absorbing layer on the lens eliminating misting. It is simply applied by wiping one or two drops across each lens surface and then buff dry using the cloth supplied to give fog free wear.. 

See video of Clarity DEFOGit

Neck cord


Keeps your spectacles safely where you need them.


Handy if you are constantly on/off with them or swapping to another pair


Freehand engraving

Personalise your safety frames with your initials (max 3) and we will add the date of manufacture

Enter initials -

(Note : Engraving is done using a freehand engraving pen in a suitable location on the frame which may include a place where the markings are visible whilst being worn)









Scroll down page 

to complete form


5. Enter your prescription details...  


Dont forget to include the + or - signs for SPH and CYL values.




Copy details from your prescription carefully


(value should be same for both eyes)


Prescription Help

Tick here if your SPH or CYL exceeds +/- 6.00 or  

your (SPH + CYL) exceeds +/- 6.00 

in either eye : 

Tick here if your prescription has prism  : INTERMEDIATE or INTER ADD


Check the prescription details you have entered, ensure they are correct and have +/- signs where applicable

If you are unsure about entering your prescription, leave the prescription details blank and email a copy of your prescription to us. We will match it up with your order

 Scroll down page 

to complete form


6.  Finally, provide  your Pupillary distance (PD) - Choose and select from just one of the following options...  

I know my PD

You can ask your Optician, but they are not obliged to provide this to you, or you may have already measured it using our simple to follow instructions.


I don't know my PD

Click here to learn how to

measure it yourself

or if you don't have your PD we can measure it for you from an image you supply with our FREE e-dispensing ruler. 

I have an image to attach

Click on 'upload image' in the shopping cart to attach your e-dispensing image with this order.

Note for Varifocal orders the frame of choice must be worn in the photo

Pre-selected as default choice



My PD measurement (to the nearest millimetre) is... 


Send me a free ruler

Proceed to confirm purchase & we will send one out with full instructions.

The camera to ruler 

distance (in cm's) was ...


  PD Help

Scroll down page 

to complete form





Please double check any measurements you have taken and any values are entered correctly   

Make sure you have entered +(plus) or - (minus) signs with your SPH & CYL values in Section 5

Ensure you have chosen your PD from the drop down box or selected an alternative PD option in Section 6

Check the frame you have chosen is within the prescription range stated

  If you get any ***ERROR*** messages when you view  the order summary please click back and correct them.





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