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The following information will assist you in deciding if your prescription is within manufacturing frange for the frame you are considering...


(SPH + CYL) not more than ...


Remember the rules of adding two numbers of similar sign and of different sign 

If your (SPH + CYL) exceeds the stated value then it is not available


For example....


The right (SPH+ CYL) is +0.25 


The left (SPH + CYL) is -5.25




Ordering single vision near


For wearers over 45 years old where an ADD may be involved the calculation needs to be slightly different..


Careful with this one because the value of the (SPH + CYL) is different because the ADD changes the SPH for near.

For single vision near the NEAR SPH is (-1.25) + (2.25) = +1.00 

Then the NEAR SPH + CYL becomes (+1.00) + (1.50) = +2.50


If in doubt...


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Alternatively fax your prescription through 

after you have placed your order 

to 01925 357113 


email a copy of it to us at

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